Monday, January 4, 2010

Speaking From The Heart

Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I got sucked in by Tumblr haha. But I guess you can say I'm back. This is just a rant from somethings that has happened to me and I'm feeling "sentimental" now lol.

I doubt you'll ever see this and I doubt I want you to read this, maybe I do but I hate you. Ha, ok I know I've said I don't but in reality ..come on, I do. But It's not the regular "Don't come near me again", alright only half of it was, ok maybe 95% of it is, but the truth is, some days I just want to fight you, hurt you, hug you, comfort you, delete you from my memory, cherish you as a friend and fix you. They say you have to let something you really love go and soon they'll come back to you. I don't know how true it is and I want to believe it is but you've taught and proved to me to never believe in fairy tales. My heart hurts but it's stronger then ever, I'm stronger then ever.

One decision. You've made one decision that happened a year ago, your still paying for it now. Lost friends, amazing people that have meant so much to you to have someone who is destroying you and you don't even know if they mean that much to you like we did. The saying "You can't help loving something that's destroying you." is right, Love is surely blind and I witness it everyday. But reality hits and it hits hard, Trust Me. It's hit you many times but when you have an epiphany we'll be right where we were, standing there, waiting, having your back, like we always did and said we would. I don't know if they will but I know I will. I said it & I'm keeping my word. Word is bond.

You say you don't want to hurt but your doing it over and over knowing the consequences. Knowing that your going to lose something even greater if you don't walk away but you still stay, maybe you felt how I felt ? I don't know but all I want to tell you is Thank You. Thank You for everything, yea it hurt but I'm growing up, letting go but never forgetting and just simply living. Life is too short to hold grudges or have enemies and when the day comes when you finally fall and they knock you off of your kness. The day your all alone and have no where to go, the day you wake up and can't breathe anymore, the day you can't take it anymore, the day you finally leave, the day when you wake up and realize what you did and you can't live without us anymore, the day when you see what we see, the day you Man Up. We'll be there. I'll be there, waiting. But for now ..only time will tell.

...and that's Speaking From The Heart.

- C.

Monday, November 30, 2009


s t o p - TRUSTpassing ..

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lady Gaga

She's def. one of my inspirations. About time the industry got an artist like her.

Part 1

Part 2

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lil Wayne & Lupe Fiasco

both of these videos are from my friend's blog, CooLikeDat.

ahh my husband ^_^. he is too cute - even tho his laugh is kinda funny /= & hes kinda cocky as hell lol but i still support him. everyone has flaws. oh, & my bday is Aug. 16th ! & my friend's bday is the same day as his =P lol im such a loser.

I don't like him but I'm not afraid to say that he IS a very talented artist. He is a troubled soul & his drug addiction is soo bad. I'm not happy that the creaters of this film lied to him & put in parts that he cut out & his interview. What's the point of having him edit the movie ? smh. I'm interested tho & I would def. go to see it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hair Goal

sOoOo0o everyone knows I have gone to the natural phase and I LOVE IT! ^_^ My hair has been through many .. obstacles lol and I'm glad I've finally settled on the natural look. I only wish I did sooner. Anywho, my mom's friend told me to search a certain names on youtube and I stumbled across this lady - her hair is BEAUTIFUL and she's Trinidadian =P. THIS is my new hair goal. Copy and paste the link b/c she blocked the code -_-.

1:52 3:21 4:33 are some of my fav. parts.

THIS is my new hair goal lol - WILL def. take me some years but I'm willing to try.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Talented Teenagers

When my friend showed my the first video of the girl wrote the poem "That Girl" from Brave Souls on HBO, I've been shown and looked at a lot of videos from Brave Souls or similar to them. Every time I hear these kids speak I am touched because what they are speaking about is true and I'm glad they are sharing it with everyone else. I also see my friend Sheryl standing on the stage reciting her poems also [ which I think she should! ] but here are a few other videos that I have seen and were deeply touched by ..

the code was disabled for this one, so just enter the link in your browser. - btw, she's only 13 !!!

Just like this.

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Some days, I feel exactly like this ..