Saturday, October 31, 2009

Magnificent 7 *

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My last County Cross Country race. Although I am glad that the season is coming to an end because I’m getting burnt out - the ending is bittersweet. It’s our senior year except for 2 of the girls and every race we run this year is our last forever. I will miss this team, every memory, good and bad, that high school has brought to me. This is West Orange’s Magnificent 7 of 2009 and you will be missed.

oh, btw I got 4th in the County - 19:25 - Get `Em.

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I’m not quick to call someone “my best friend” but umm .. THIS IS MY BEST FRIEND =D . Well he’s one of few but he’s cool like dat. Holdin’ it down since 8th grade-ish and I enjoy his company if I must say so. We talk everyday or try but that’s besides the point. This is Munir a.k.a ‘Dorion Boom’ & he’s one of the few that keep me sane. Know Datttt ! *

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pretty Wings, Free Hugs & last but not least ..My Mother .<3

my daaayyy arughh, probably the only decent day out of this whole week. -_- i've been so down & the weather is suckish too lol but you ever have that feeling were you want to say SO much but can't get it all out at once and the only thing that would probably help you is the perfect hug? Well, thats my problem lol. I've recently discovered that one of my friends is really my cousin. Which also has a long story behind that lol but umm the whole situation had both of us, mainly me going O_O & o_0, but i went w/it & talking to him, learning about eachother & blah blah blah & coming home and sleeping have been the only 2 things I look forward to lately =/. This shocks many because I am thee happiest person ever, seriously. but there are some days where I just want to alone, think and take it all in, you know ? ..

Today, I learned my new cousin a.k.a cuzzo (haha i love that phrase smh, we're mess but anywho.) I learned that he loves Maxwell and Trey Songz - I LOVE MAXWELL AND TREY SONGZ, it was amazing, they are my husbands lmao, along w/ Lupe Fiaso and Will Smith ^_^. We have a lot in common and it's weird cuz i've never met someone who agrees with me on almost everything. idk but my cuzzo played Pretty Wings and of course we love that song but for me Pretty Wings has sooooo much meaning behind it & it had me thinking about the past /: . In the end i came home and talked to my mom b/c she is indeed my bff & all she said was "Don't worry about it, you'll get through it and i know you will." and hugged me and everything just seemed to be ...ok.

Another discovery I made was which was recommended to me by my friend Slim. ahhhh best site E V E R. Omg i love it, just join and follow the instructions and you.will.hooked. i find almost everything on there and i love everything i find ! lol but i was on it recently and i found this, which touched me b/c some days you just need that free hug, just like a day like today..

Free Hug Campaign

Sunday, October 25, 2009

f r e s h m a n .

sO0o0o .. i've FINALLY made a blog lol. i've been in between of wanting to make one and not wanting to because EVERYONE has one but ive decided to say FUCK IT - i'm making one :) . umm im new to this "blogging world" but i'll learn as time goes on [: . i'll admit it, i do like blogging because for me, i c it as a way to express myself & a lil diary even tho i fail at keeping up w/one lol but i'll try. im using this to clear my mind at the end of the day & just basically get my thoughts out ..blah blah blah blah so i could careless about fans but they are welcome haha. - i guess i'll start now ..

umm.. i wouldnt call today thee worse day of my life but it has come pretty darn close to it. i can already tell that my senior will be an interesting one. if i could explain my day in one single phrase it would be --> "i hate having a huge family." lmao. after today's events ive realized that it's time to make my blog before i go insane >_<. it's also helped me realize that my dream to move to England or away from here is getting stronger and stronger =) ..