Sunday, October 25, 2009

f r e s h m a n .

sO0o0o .. i've FINALLY made a blog lol. i've been in between of wanting to make one and not wanting to because EVERYONE has one but ive decided to say FUCK IT - i'm making one :) . umm im new to this "blogging world" but i'll learn as time goes on [: . i'll admit it, i do like blogging because for me, i c it as a way to express myself & a lil diary even tho i fail at keeping up w/one lol but i'll try. im using this to clear my mind at the end of the day & just basically get my thoughts out ..blah blah blah blah so i could careless about fans but they are welcome haha. - i guess i'll start now ..

umm.. i wouldnt call today thee worse day of my life but it has come pretty darn close to it. i can already tell that my senior will be an interesting one. if i could explain my day in one single phrase it would be --> "i hate having a huge family." lmao. after today's events ive realized that it's time to make my blog before i go insane >_<. it's also helped me realize that my dream to move to England or away from here is getting stronger and stronger =) ..


  1. SO FAR...SO GREAT!!!
    even with the first post i love everything about your blog already and I know it will be a good one!
    and i love the link name also.
    i will make sure to refer your blog to others...