Saturday, October 31, 2009

Magnificent 7 *

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My last County Cross Country race. Although I am glad that the season is coming to an end because I’m getting burnt out - the ending is bittersweet. It’s our senior year except for 2 of the girls and every race we run this year is our last forever. I will miss this team, every memory, good and bad, that high school has brought to me. This is West Orange’s Magnificent 7 of 2009 and you will be missed.

oh, btw I got 4th in the County - 19:25 - Get `Em.

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I’m not quick to call someone “my best friend” but umm .. THIS IS MY BEST FRIEND =D . Well he’s one of few but he’s cool like dat. Holdin’ it down since 8th grade-ish and I enjoy his company if I must say so. We talk everyday or try but that’s besides the point. This is Munir a.k.a ‘Dorion Boom’ & he’s one of the few that keep me sane. Know Datttt ! *

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