Monday, November 9, 2009

Daft Punk

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I must admit, that I've been sleeping on Daft Punk. Of course I've heard the song One More Time & I have it on my iPod ..but WHO DOESNT !? lol Not until recently when my cousin had me listen to Something About Us and I was really intrigued. A two men band, their style, vibe EVERYTHING about them, even their videos are different,weird,interesting,unique and I love them for that. Idk how they do it but keep on doing what you do Daft Punk ! [ Face to Face is my sonnnggg <3 ]

- Also I'm DETERMINED to find out what they look like lol. =P


  1. Yes I can show you a picture I know wut they really look like! They French guyz download there album Discovery!

  2. will do !
    & send the link pleaaasee


    There is no actual download link cuz the album is pretty old so here is the tracklist. LIMEWIRE AWAY!

  4. i listened to it on Youtube but thxns tho.
    i always listen to albums on youtube firt then download