Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hair Goal

sOoOo0o everyone knows I have gone to the natural phase and I LOVE IT! ^_^ My hair has been through many .. obstacles lol and I'm glad I've finally settled on the natural look. I only wish I did sooner. Anywho, my mom's friend told me to search a certain names on youtube and I stumbled across this lady - her hair is BEAUTIFUL and she's Trinidadian =P. THIS is my new hair goal. Copy and paste the link b/c she blocked the code -_-.

1:52 3:21 4:33 are some of my fav. parts.

THIS is my new hair goal lol - WILL def. take me some years but I'm willing to try.


  1. wow, you're going natural! that is so cool i admire you i wish i could! but i'm still trying to grow my (relaxed) hair out. journey's going well!

  2. i love it!!! dats how my hair will be some day though i am not trini i thnk nigerian hair can become the same way!

    CATRICE you can deff do this with your hair! and i am in love with your hair!!!

  3. aww thank =)
    & i kno, my hair has been through sum hard times but imma do SO excited when it gets to that point